WATCH: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube play miniature buddy cops in 'Ride Along'

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07.01.13 27 Comments


I’m not like these other movie writers, you guys, I’m totally “down” with Kevin Hart, who has become a shining example of the heights of fame one can reach while still remaining relatively unknown to the white man. Presumably that’s about to change, with Hart starring opposite Ice Cube in Ride Along (What? My grandma loves Ice Cube). I haven’t seen enough of him to know if Kevin Hart is the funniest guy in the world, but certainly he’s a lot more charismatic than any of the Blue Collar Comedy guys. In Ride Along, Hart plays an aspiring cop who goes on a “ride along” with veteran cop Ice Cube for a “training day,” in which Hart tries not to “cop out” at the first sign of trouble. Now, I knew Kevin Hart was short, but isn’t Ice Cube like 5’7″? Unless he’s wearing Vin Diesel’s stilts this whole time, wouldn’t that make Kevin Hart three apples tall? Good thing they didn’t cast The Rock, Kevin Hart would have to sit on his shoulder the whole time. Hey, someone write that down.

Tim Story directs, and the song you hear towards the end, KRS One’s “Sound of da Police,” you might recognize from having also been in the trailer to Cop Out. Which seems like an odd choice, as that seems like a comparison you’d want to avoid at all costs. Then again, watching this trailer, I’m a little disturbed that the guy who directed Fantastic Four, Taxi, Think Like a Man, and the upcoming Think Like a Man Too (!!!) seems to understand comedic timing better than Kevin Smith. Either that or this trailer editor deserves an Oscar. Opens January 2014.


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