New Teen Accuser Says Bryan Singer Used Musclebound Henchman To Force Him Into Sex

If you thought this Bryan Singer case wasn’t going to get weirder and sleazier before it’s over, no such luck. After an initial accuser came forward to allege that the X-Men director flew him to Hawaii for forced sex when the accuser was 17, a new accuser (represented by the same lawyer) alleges an assault after the Superman Returns after party in London that included muscular henchmen trying to force him into sex with Singer.

The suit says Singer and Gary Goodard — 1 of 3 execs [initially accuser Michael] Egan also accused of molestation — started to touch his client sexually … and the teen asked them to stop.

According to the docs — Goodard allegedly brought a “large, musclebound man” in the room to try forcing the boy into having sex by smacking him around.

The anonymous teen claims Singer molested him in a number of ways — but they never had sex — then the director requested the boy to sit on his chest and ejaculate on top of him.  According to the docs, the teen obliged because he thought he’d be anally raped for saying no. [TMZ]

Nice story, what a way to start a Monday morning, huh?

The odd thing about these stories is that they always seem to spark a heated debate in the comments sections. Personally, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t know any of the principals and wasn’t there on the evening but nonetheless has a very strong opinion about it. All I know is, if the accuser did make this story up, he’s wasting his time on lawsuits when he could have a lucrative career writing fetish fan fiction.