New Pictures Revealed From Channing Tatum's Magic Mike

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04.13.12 9 Comments

My good friend C-Tates emailed me to ask if he could introduce two new pictures that have been released from his upcoming film, Magic Mike, which is directed by Steven Soderbergh and is based on Channing Tatum’s early years as a male stripper.

Yo girl, mark yo calendars now, cuz me n Matty M.C. Conaughey, Alex Tom Pettyfer and dat fine ass trick Olivia Newton Munn be comin’ 2 yo big screen on June 29 wit Steven Sodapops directin’ dat sh*t all like, “YO BITCHES LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION LIKE A MUTHA F*CKA!” Mad Oscar sh*t, yo.

Anyweird, yo we gots deez new pics from Magic Mike, and dis ain’t no Crissy Angel magic show, right? Dis sh*ts about male strippers, son. IT’S AN ART FORM, WHAT! An dis sh*t is bouty bouty my life, son, how I came from shakin’ my meat to make da chickenz feel heat all da way to tappin’ dat Mila Kunis ass on da SS Enterthighs. C-TATES! WHAT! Respek.

Yo girl, dat sh*t ain’t good enough. YO C-TATES! BREAK ‘EM OFF SOMETHIN PROPER!

(Images via ENI.)

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