New Rum Diary Clips: Amber Heard parties naked

Bruce Robinson’s adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Rum Diary finally hits theaters October 28th, after beginning filming two years ago. It promises to win Johnny Depp just enough goodwill that you can’t fully hate him when he shows up in the next Bruckheimer turd. I guess I can’t blame him for that. Anyway, today we’ve got 20 new pictures and two new clips, the first starring Amber Heard (HOT LESBIAN ALERT) as Chenault, when she first meets Thompson’s Paul Kemp while skinny dipping.

She’s uh… not the greatest actress. She looks like she overshot “saucy temptress” and landed on “beauty pageant contestant.” I can’t tell if she’s cocking her head to the side sexily or about to drown. But I suppose I’ve forgiven hot lesbians for worse. Sidenote: Is Johnny Depp going to be doing his Fear and Loathing narration out loud for this entire movie? Because that seems weird. It’d be like Daniel Stern following Fred Savage around telling everyone what he’s thinking. That would’ve been a hilarious Punk’d.

Who do you think’s cooler, George Clooney or Aaron Eckhart? Because they’re both pretty cool. They make me want to buy suits and drink scotch. Aaron Eckhart is so cool, I totally overlooked the fact that this clip involves two guys wearing sunglasses indoors.
[via RopeofSilicon, ThePlaylist]