Transformers 3 to feature NASCAR bot with a Robo-mullet

Michael Bay has been going around telling anyone who will listen that the new Transformers is much better than the last one (I exaggerate very little here, I actually saw first hand him telling someone this, gesturing wildly like his South Park parody).  One of his explanations being that the new one will be more serious, with less “dork humor” than the last one, which he points out was filmed during the writer’s strike.  …Hmm, I don’t really have a transition here.  Oh well.   So it looks like one of the new robots will be a NASCAR bot with a mullet.

So says ToplessRobot, who found the above picture of “Topspin,” a Hasbro toy supposedly based on a character in the upcoming Transformers movie:

This is one of the Wreckers I posted in vehicle mode the other day. As an alien robot who’s alternate form is a NASCAR car, he of course has a mullet. I look forward to him speaking exactly like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons, and making a joke about having sex with his sister Transformer.

Wikipedia describes him thusly:

Topspin likes hard jobs that leave him dented [LIKE YER MOM! -Ed]. He is very tough, but has below-average intelligence.

The obvious assumption is that white-trash Topspin will be the Caucasian foil to Mudflap and Skids, the so-called minstrel bots from the last movie, who talked street, sported gold teeth, and couldn’t read; the Miley Cyrus to their Flavor Flav.  But let’s be honest, this isn’t an apology.  That’s just your overeducated, PC brain playing tricks on you.  These characters may seem based on hurtful racial stereotypes if you’re on your way back from your company-mandated sexual harassment seminar, but the truth is, they’re also real people that exist in the world.  If you need examples, just look around you at a Transformers screening.