Jennifer Lawrence’s Naked Boobs Get Painted in New X-Men Featurette

The latest X-Men First Class featurette takes a fascinating look at the countless hours a team of makeup artists spent making Jennifer Lawrence look like Mystique. It shines a spotlight on some of the unsung heroes of the production crew, who’ve dedicated their lives to bringing fantasy to life, and don’t always get the credit they heh heh heh heh heheheheheheh hee hee hee hee ho ho ho ho hahaha hahahaha hehehehehehe heh heh hmm hee hee hee LOOK AT ‘EM! IT’S A TEAM OF BRITISH AND ASIAN CHICKS LOVINGLY TICKLING JENNIFER LAWRENCE’S BOOBS AND VAGINA WITH HORSE FUR! Oh jeez, I think I just blue my load. (EH OH, MORE LIKE X-MEN FIRST ASS, GNOME SAYIN? OH!)

So much personality, and without even Andy Serkis to help animate them. I’m telling you, Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs should warrant serious awards consideration. “What? No, leave me alone, mom! I’m doing important work!”

[via Collider]