‘Nurse 3D’ Is Straight Up Posting Bottomless Paz De La Huerta Gifs Now

Lionsgate has been busy updating their website for Nurse 3D, and this is notable simply because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a studio be so straightforward about their movie’s (only) selling point. The banner graphic of the website (slightly NSFW) features Paz De La Huerta (the infamous tampon tantrum throwing Paz De La Huerta) riding a giant, ejaculating syringe while she gives it a handjob. Frankly, the entire thing looks like it was designed by Mr. Skin.

Once you close the autoplay trailer, the site is just a massive gif wall of NSFW images and graphics of Paz De La Huerta topless, naked, and in various stages of undress. Including this one (link NSFW – I think) of Paz De La Huerta walking around bottomless in a bra. “Donald Ducking,” as we like to call it. By the way, it took some intensive, team-wide detective work to determine that Paz De La Huerta was indeed bottomless and not just wearing flesh-colored panties in that gif. But Dan Seitz, “the professor,” as we like to call him, made a convincing case that the dark thing on her hip was a shadow, and not the band of her underwear. At that, we all puffed our pipes and chortled our approbation.

In any case, now you know what Uproxx team meetings are like, and kudos to Lionsgate for winning the straightforward marketing campaign award.

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