Oh My God. You Guys.

Have you ever been watching something, and you’re like “Holy crap that was amazing!” and then 10 seconds later something more amazing happens, and then 10 seconds after that something more amazing than that second thing happens? That’s what this video is. It’s a 10 minute excerpt from the Kollywood film Enthiran (or Robot), and IT. HAS. EVERYTHING. A brief rundown:

– guns
– car chases
– Aishwarya Rai (pictured at right, ay-chee-mama)
– bad CGI
– explosions
– both the original Tamil dialogue AND Russian dubbing, at the same time
– a giant ball made up of guns and robots that explodes and each robot shoots out and wrecks the cops
– a giant snake also made of robots that shoots bullets out of its tongue and swallows police cars

It’s like if Michael Bay had a baby with Michael Bay, and that kid had a baby with Nic Cage, and THAT baby became a trust fund, coke-addict, film school dropout who financed a movie on his own. In short, I must possess this film.

via Reddit and The Daily What