Orangutan Knows How to Impress the Ladies – Morning Links

Check out more cute animal videos, if that’s your thing, at The Petting Zoo [via Videogum]

British gravy wrestler takes wrench to the face during sex dispute |Film Drunk|

Behind the Scenes of ‘Jeopardy!’: An Interview With Champion Pat Antle |Warming Glow|

This cat, on the other hand, needs to learn a thing or two [via Picsauce]

The Internet And Project Glass: The Best Fun With Google Glasses One Week Later |UPROXX|

Rock, Not Rap Headlines 2012 Lollapalooza Line-Up |Smoking Section|

Great Moments In Twirting: Tyler Seguin Might Be Dating Playmate Ciara Price |With Leather|

Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week |Gamma Squad|

‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Supercut |TheDailyWhat|

Jon Lovitz Uses Twitter To Get Bullies Expelled From School |Buzzfeed|

In honor of Josh Hutcherson, humiliating first pitches at videogames. |ModernMan|

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now |HuffPost Comedy|

We Get It, Lana Del Ray. You’re Banging Axl Rose. |TheSuperficial|

Luke Wilson On Gene Hackman And Richie Tenenbaum’s Attempted Suicide |Moviefone|

11 Upstart Religions Rooted in Pop Culture |Mentalfloss|

Burger King’s Bacon Sundae Could Clog Your Arteries With Deliciousness |The FW|

11 Aussie Actors Who Haven’t F**ked It All Up Just Yet |Pajiba|

Twelve TV Props I’d Pay Millions to Own |Unreality|

The Jeep Mighty FC Concept Is Badass and I Must Have It |Brobible|

Ah, F*ck it: 85 Jennifer Love Hewitt GIFs |ScreenJunkies|

Supermodels Without Makeup |NextRound|

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