Paramount’s Miley Cyrus Young Adult Franchise ‘Wake’ Finally Has A Writer

Despite the fact that studios have had little luck finding the next Twilight or Hunger Games young adult franchise to milk for another decade, with Divergent being the latest attempt at letting teenage girls save the dystopian future, they’re going to keep on trying until we all drop dead from exhaustion. Back in 2010, Paramount scooped up the rights to Lisa McMann’s young adult series Wake, which follows the adventures of a high school senior named Janie, who has the power to enter dreams and help people resolve their problems and nightmares. The A-list star who’s gonna make this trilogy a winner? Miley Cyrus, naturally.

According to Deadline, Rango writer James Ward Byrkit has signed on to write Wake, which was previously in the hands of Disturbia’s Christopher London, but he has obviously just been way too caught up in the Paranormal Activity franchise’s incredible plots to work on anything else. What is yet to be determined is who will play the book’s dark, disturbed male love interest, Cabel (it’s –el because it’s edgy), but fans of both McMann’s work and Cyrus the actress shouldn’t worry, because if there’s one thing Byrkit is good at, it’s writing lines for slimy creatures with problems keeping their mouths closed.