PICTURE: Jim Carrey crashes a high school baseball team’s bus in Iowa

Jim Carrey’s likability rating probably took a hit last month after his announcement that he could “no longer supportKick-Ass 2 in the wake of Sandy Hook (the obvious response to that being that he should’ve donated his paycheck). But he must have been reading my how-to guide to damage control called Photobomb Photobomb Photobomb, because here he is on an Iowa high school baseball team’s bus cheering them up after a loss.

As the story goes, Jim Carrey was in Iowa either to do transcendental meditation at the Maharishi University of Management or staying at a local Ayurveda health spa, when the Pella Dutch High School baseball team spotted him at a local Burger King (BK being the cornerstone of any healthy ayurvedic diet). The team supposedly had just lost 7 – 1 to Fairfield, which is why Jim Carrey is holding up seven fingers.

According to Reddit poster JamesPosey, right before the picture was taken, Carrey shouted “WHO ARE THE F*CKIN’ WINNERS NOW!”

Coach Jesse Jablonski and his players stopped by the BK for ice cream after their final game of the regular season, a 7-1 loss to Fairfield.

“I kind of heard some whispers from a few of my guys in the background,” Jablonski said. “I didn’t really think it would be (Carrey) at first. What would he be doing in Fairfield, Iowa?”

But the coach became more certain as he watched Carrey interact with his team, because the actor “just has those unmistakable facial expressions as he talks.”

The coach didn’t want his players to badger the actor, so as the boys filed out of the restaurant with their ice cream cones he went back to where Carrey was standing to make sure all of his students were aboard the bus.

But Carrey ended up following him back to the bus.

“Hey, let’s do this picture!” Carrey told the team as he bounded into the middle of the Pella players.

“Obviously, after that happened, the loss and the game were the last things on their minds,” Jablonski said.

Get it? He yelled “who are the winners now,” because obviously it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s who gets to meet a big star like Jim Carrey after the game. A little conceited by Carrey, maybe, but in fairness, totally accurate. I imagine the best part of being a celebrity would be that you could just show up to a small town and make everyone’s day just by standing there.

By the way, if you were coming up with a name for “Middle American Everyman” you couldn’t do much better than “Jesse Jablonski.”

[pic via Imgur]