Piranha 3DD Trailer: Piranhas at a water park

Piranha 3DD has a trailer and you can watch it below. The gist of it is that the piranhas have invaded a water park this time. Yes, a water park. At least this way, you can sterilize your bite wounds with all the Mexican pee. Also, David Hasselhoff is there for some reason. Oh, and Ving Rhames has a gun for a leg. This looks good.

Gary Busey is also in this, though curiously, he doesn’t show up anywhere in the trailer. Hopefully the plot is that Gary Busey gets bit by a piranha and then becomes one, spending the rest of the movie swimming around the wave pool biting chicks. Until finally, wild-eyed biologist Christopher Lloyd shows up to save the day, explaining to Gary that piranhas don’t follow vampire rules, and everyone lives happily ever after.