Time To Start Your ‘Sopranos’ 20th Anniversary Rewatch: Pod Yourself A Gun 206

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If you were thinking of starting a Sopranos rewatch, there’s no time like the present. Pod Yourself A Gun, our Sopranos rewatch podcast, starring Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb, is back this week, to discuss Sopranos episode 206, which first premiered February 20, 2000, almost 20 years and one month ago, on the dot. (FYI, we also have brand new Frotcast episodes out this week, for the rabble and Patrons alike, to keep you fully stocked on audio #content).

This week, we invited Sean Keane (Roundball Rock podcast) to watch and discuss “The Happy Wanderer” — which is Tony’s succinct little pet name describing all the obliviously joyful people he wants to murder. This episode introduces us to David Scatino (played by Terminator 2‘s T1000 himself, Robert Patrick), the father of Meadow’s friend Eric and a local sporting good store proprietor who went to high school with Tony Soprano. David uses his high school connections with Tony in order to get a seat at the “executive game” where he ends up 45 boxes of ziti in the hole. Meanwhile, Meadow and Eric are rehearsing for cabaret night at their school and Meadow desperately wants to sing a solo rather than a duet.

Other Bada B-stories include:

-Tony is taking Junior’s executive card game

-Tony learns he had a retarded uncle name Hercules

-Chris cheats the fish market

-Richie gets put in his place by Tony

-Janice is pulling a Livia with Richie Aprile

It’s a fantastic episode of the Sopranos and an even more fantastic episode of Pod Yourself A Gun. Do yourself a favor and listen, and then do yourself an even bigger favor and leave us a good review, and finally, do the biggest favor of all and become a patron so you can get all the bonus content and help us to keep providing you great #content.