Breaking Down The ‘Goth Vito Jr.’ Episode Of The Sopranos, With Will Menaker On Pod Yourself A Gun

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Vito Jr: Goth Icon

A lot to chew on in season 6b episode 4 of The Sopranos. Including, but not limited to, Tony’s compulsive gambling, AJ’s disastrous engagement, Hesh’s deadly farts, and the two giant ice cream sundaes purchased for Vito Jr. that will need to be fully chewed up before you even think about getting in Phil Leotardo’s car. Returning to discuss “Chasing It” with Matt and Vince is writer and co-host of the Chapo Trap House podcast, Will Menaker.

During a scene dubbed by Will as “The Vito Jr./Phil Leotardo Silo Summit,” Vito appears to be eating an ice cream sundae at the Applegate Farms Ice Cream stand in Montclair, New Jersey. When Phil calls it a sundae, Vito corrects him, preferring the name as it’s written on the cold treat’s cup, “The Silo.” Currently, neither the Applegate Farms’ website, their Yelp page, nor their Doordash menu mentions The Silo as an option. Is this an obsolete gluttonous treat gone the way of the supersized meal? A Sopranos prop department fabrication? A locals-only, in-person menu option that non-New Jerseyans can only fantasize about? We may never know, but what we can say for certain is that while eating his two Silos, this son of Tony Soprano’s deceased best earner looks like a Puerta Rican whoo-er.

The guys also delve into Tony’s misguided gambling strategies, the way he trades homophobia for antisemitism, and Matt brings an appropriately NuMetal bada-b song in honor of North Jersey’s shower shittingest grave vandalizer.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.