Pod Yourself ‘The Wire’ Episode Two, Prezbo And The Pit, With PFT Commenter

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“Everybody wants to not get yelled at.” –PFT Commenter

Just like every episode of The Wire begins with a quote from the episode, every episode description for Pod Yourself The Wire: A The Wire Podcast, now begins with a quote from the podcast. Today’s quote comes from writer, podcaster, cohost of Pardon My Take and the Macrodosing podcast, PFT Commenter. Matt and Vince welcomed PFT to talk about season one episode two of The Wire, “The Buys.”

PFT breaks down the subtext of the episode right from the start. What we all really want from our job is to not get yelled at. The Wire does a great job of reminding you that cops are guys who will absolutely shirk their duties at work if it means they won’t get yelled at, but also they have guns, and if they think shooting or pistol whipping some poor mope’s eyeball out of his socket will lead to less yelling in his direction, he’ll do it.

It’s easy to judge because, you know, they are abusing their power to avoid accountability, but can you imagine if they gave you a gun at work? Like, how quickly would you make some entitled customer shut up and leave your Quizno’s if you could wave a glock around? Would you wield that power responsibly? I’d be a terrible cop, and I bet you would too. It’s almost like the whole system is broken. It’s a cliché, but if you talk about The Wire long enough you will eventually say “the whole system is broken.” It’s unavoidable.

A friendly reminder that cops are allowed to lie to you during interrogations, and you are allowed to lie in podcast reviews, so even if you don’t like the show, give us five stars on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg