Police raid Utah theater after janitor advertises live sex show on Craigslist

Six people were arrested last week at a theater north of Salt Lake City after the theater janitor reportedly put it up on Craigslist as a gangbang venue and charged participants admission. You know, typical Utah stuff.

Police received a tip on Wednesday that a “live sex show” would be taking place after midnight at the theater, according to a statement from the Syracuse Police Department.

After obtaining additional information and a warrant, the Davis Metro Narcotics Unit and a SWAT team set up a sting operation and found three women and a man engaging in sex acts inside the theater, according to police.

“I have never heard anything like it,” said Syracuse Police Chief Garret Atkin. “We had undercover officers in attendance, and once they confirmed that was happening, we got the signal to make entry into the theater.”

I like to think “the signal” was a raised right fist with a tongue pressing out the left cheek. I’m not happy that this is what undercover police are doing with their time, but I can’t say as I blame theme. “Hey, Tony, you wanna go infiltrate a gang of methed out bikers or hang out in theater full of crazed nymphos to see if they actually bang each other?”

Six people, including an observer, were arrested.

Krystle Morales, 19, of Salt Lake City; Lillian Scott, 22, of Salt Lake City; and Shelby Boyce, 21, were booked into the Davis County Jail for investigation of sexual solicitation, a class B misdemeanor. Boyce, of West Valley City, was also arrested for investigation of possession of spice and drug paraphernalia.

Troy Manning, 33, of Centerville, who police say engaged in sex with the women, was arrested for investigation of sexual solicitation and drug possession.

A 43-year-old Midvale man was arrested for investigation of sexual solicitation for allegedly watching the performance.

I wonder how much the 43-year-old man tipped the cops to keep his name from making the paper. Also, I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed by the names, which I’d hoped would all be more like “Krystle.” 20 years from now, cops will be arresting Taylie, McKarty, Taigley, and McKartnee for bringing bongs to the gangbang.

Anael Ibanez, 36, of Bountiful, works for the company that was contracted to clean the movie theater. Police believe he posted ads on Craigslist to “recruit the females to engage in acts of prostitution, as well as to identify interested males,” according to police.

“He was charging a fee based on where they wanted to sit and what role they wanted to play,” Atkin said. [from $35 to $75 for admission depending on whether someone wanted to just watch or participate.]

He was arrested for investigation of distribution of pornographic material and exploiting prostitution. Investigators say he tried to do the same thing at least one other time at the movie theater the week before. [KSL]

Oh sure, the guy who cheerfully cleans up after your spilled paint buckets of cola and dixie cups full of butter-flavored polymer decides he wants to make a little money on the side from a group of consenting adults and a bunch of jack-booted thugs burst in the door and shut it down. Typical. It’s bullshit. These politicians say they want to promote entrepreneurship, but it’s all just lip service. THANKS, OBAMA.

I guess this is what you get for hiring a guy who’s basically named “Anal.”