Randy Quaid May Magically Appear In The ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

Randy Quaid has been off Hollywood’s radar for almost five years now, unless you count his live performance of “Star Whackers” (a song about murder and the organ trade) as . . . anything. Recently, however, Independence Day Director Roland Emmerich tweeted a picture of Quaid with the caption: “He’s BAAACK,” suggesting that the actor may, in fact, have returned for the sequel.

It’s a juicy theory, if not an entirely plausible one. For one, Quaid’s character was supposed to have died in the 1996 original. Quaid also appears to have been facing some pretty serious mental health issues in the past couple years, making appearing in anything profitable and public all but impossible.

According to Yahoo News, the actor left the country almost four years ago for Canada, claiming that a Hollywood cabal named ‘Star Whackers’ was out to kill him and his wife. Star Whackers, Quaid argued, was also responsible for the death of Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and other Hollywood favorites. His paranoia appears to have only deepened in the past few years. Canada refuses to grant him and his wife Evi asylum, because duh.

The Independence Day sequel is set to be released in July of 2015. While it’s unclear whether Quaid will actually cameo, his performance would definitely generate a whole lot of gratuitous buzz. The film doesn’t really need it: I’m sure audiences will crowd in, eager “to see this new movie, based on this old movie” they “once saw in the nineties!” Fabulous. Throw in a mentally ill actor in a marginal state of lucidity, and they’ve got themselves a hit!