Renaissance Faire Tortoise & Morning Links

Bring out your dead! Man, I’m just sayin’, you put a kilt on a tortoise? Instant classic. [Thanks to Kelly for the tip]

The 10 Best ‘Louie’ Guest Stars. (*cough*) JIM NORTON! (*cough, cough*) |Warming Glow|

Come for the gayest music video you’ve ever seen, stay for the gayest frotcast you’ve ever heard. |Film Drunk|

The Best of 1960’s Spider-Man, Part 2 |Gamma Squad|

The Hilarious (and Dead On) Caricatures of Cartoonist Pete Emslie |UPROXX|

DMX Drives 100 MPH, Gets Arrested Again |Smoking Section|

Candice Swanepoel Is the Best at Working Out |With Leather|

Eight movie clichés, illustrated. |MentalFloss|

Christopher Knight is divorcing Adrienne Curry. Probably because she’s wildly obnoxious. Or because they met on a crappy reality show. One of the two, I’m sure. |TheSuperficial|

Here’s a New York rat the size of a barnhouse cat. That’s good eatin’, I bet. |TheDailyWhat|

A conversation between best friends forever, Paul Rudd and Adam Scott. |BlackbookMag|

Dina Lohan is trying to produce a movie. Is it about being a worthless c*nt who should be burned for fuel? They say you should write what you know. |Videogum|

Chrissy Henderson has boobs, and likes to squeeze them together. |GorillaMask|

Facebook is judging you by your favorite restaurants now. |HolyTaco|

10 Things You Didn’t Know About New York City and Hurricanes |Buzzfeed|

Hustler Says They’re Close to Releasing Rihanna Sex Tape |FARK|

9 songs that are way overused in movies. |ScreenJunkies|

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