Sandra Bullock Gave A Surprise Graduation Speech At A High School In New Orleans

It has been a pretty huge week for celebrities in New Orleans, between the Foo Fighters playing a surprise show in the French Quarter and Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey uncorking a couple of beers together on their balconies for an episode of Brew Detective. Sandra Bullock might have outdone them all yesterday, though, at least in the all-important category of inspiring our nation’s youth to be bigger, better and bolder. America’s sweetheart showed up at the Warren Easton Charter High School graduation much to the surprise of everyone except for the people that knew she was there, and she chose to inspire the outgoing class by asking a very important question.

“If you could go back and talk to your younger self,” she told the crowd while looking ridiculously good for 49, “what would you say?” My immediate guess was “Maybe skip that whole dating Jesse James period,” but it turned out that she had some broader advice that can help everyone. (Even though nobody should date Jesse James.) The most important piece of advice? “Go find your joy.” And if the joy of those graduates is to fix the economy and solve the impending student loan debt crisis, that would be pretty helpful.