Seltzer & Friedberg prepping Hunger Games parody 'The Starving Games'

When it comes to doing more with less, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg could challenge Helen Keller. These two idiots have now written and directed five of their own parody movies (I’m not including the Scary Movies, where they were part of a team), none of which rated higher than 10% on rottentomatoes. In fact, only one rated higher than 5%. Everyone hates their movies, and for good reason – they’re f*cking terrible. And yet it seems to be working out for them. A few years ago, Aaron Seltzer was living in a $3 million house. I suspect the saving grace is that the only people who see their movies don’t know who they are and have outgrown them by the time their next movie comes out. They just sort of piggyback on a phenomenon and catch whatever money falls out.

Anyway, this week comes word that they’ll be turning their withering eye for satire on The Hunger Games. Hope you like epic pwnage, Hunger Games!

Spoof auteurs Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have come onboard to write and direct “The Starving Games,” with K5 selling its international rights at Cannes.

Though “The Hunger Games” will be front and center for many of the jokes, other pics to be pilloried include “The Avengers,” “Sherlock Holmes” and the finale of the “Harry Potter” franchise. Wild Bunch has already snapped up the German rights, and Falcon has taken the Middle East. [Variety]

“The Starving Games.” That’s all you really need to know about these jackasses. “Hunger Games” is already a perfectly adequate title for implying that the characters are starving, all they did was take what was already there and make it louder, because their audience wouldn’t understand anything unless it was shouted. HAHA, ONE FLEW OVER THE CRAZY’S NEST, GET IT? IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE SOMEONE’S DRESSED LIKE LINDSAY LOHAN!

If you pay money to see a Seltzer-Friedberg movie, you’re worse than Al-Qaeda.