So Farrah Abraham Is Writing A ‘Christian Parenting Book’

As Burnsy said when he sent me this link, “Farrah Abraham’s PR machine feels like it’s stuck on random and fast-forward at the same time.” True, only that could explain why the star of the squirting anal epic “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” is now writing a book about Christian parenting. Or so she says.

Is backdoor teen prayer even a thing?

Farrah announced on the most recent episode of “Couples Therapy” that following her sex book trilogy, a Christian parenting book is going to hit shelves before long. [Fishwrapper]

More on that, from a Couple Therapy recap (by the way, did you know Ghostface from Wu Tang is on this show?)

 “Well, I guess I’m a TV personality, so I do all different shows,” exaggerates Farrah. “I also am an author. Luckily my first book was a New York Times best-seller. Now I’m working on two other different books. My next trilogy – so three books – is an erotic sex novel. And then a Christian parenting book.” [RealityTea]

As someone who grew up in a small town full of churches, I can confirm that getting knocked up by accident while a teenager is indeed the first step of many Christian parents, so at least she’s got that down. That and turning the other cheek. (*hits invisible home run, high fives Stinky Pete*)

Speaking of her being on Couples Therapy, I thought this part was particularly sad:

In 2014, she will appear on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” which shows her working with a therapist to overcome incidents in her past as well as engaging in fights with houseguests. Abraham has been trying to appear on the show for at least two years and finally succeeded, even though she is appearing by herself. [ChristianPost]


Despite all her ridiculous, publicity whoring nonsense, I still sort of feel bad for Farrah Abraham. Anyway, while the Christian parenting and sexy sex books may still be purely hypothetical, she does have a line of sex toys set to hit the market this month.

Farrah teamed up with Topco to create a personalized line of pleasure products that replicate her body parts. [WetPaint]

Basically, a line of silicone buttholes and vaginas (link NSFW) based on a mold of Farrah’s squirty parts. I’ll be at the AVNs and Adult Entertainment Expo this weekend in Las Vegas, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with further details soon. (*affixes ‘PRESS’ badge to ‘bikini inspector’ hat*)

Other recent quoteworthy Farrah Abraham moments include the time she asked if Trayvon Martin was a girl she met, and that time she was asked if she was a feminist and she answered “What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to read the shit out of this butt baby Jesus book.

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