Shoot, I guess that *wasn’t* Jon Stewart moshing to Dead Kennedys

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01.30.12 6 Comments

If our commenters are to be believed, Jon Stewart DID attend plenty of punk shows in the 80s, but according to what seems like fairly solid research by RVAMag, the above picture purported to Jon Stewart at a Dead Kennedys show is actually of Red Cross/Prevaricators bassist Alford Faulkner.

Doug Dobey confirms what I was already pretty sure about–that is not Jon Stewart but former Red Cross/Prevaricators bassist Alford Faulkner. The process of nerding out took place in multiple posts on my blog this morning: first one, second one, third one, fourth (and hopefully last) one. But hey, this was fun, right? –Andrew [RVAMag]

Maybe this is just me not wanting to let go of something so awesome, but considering Jon Stewart was originally misidentified in the photo by the original photographer (and I doubt he’d just assume a guy was Jon Stewart unless he’d remembered him being around at some of those shows), I think it’s almost more important to note that it could’ve been him as it is to point out that it wasn’t. I bet we’re still gonna live off the fat of the land, just like he promised, with super-furry rabbits in every color.

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