SITE NEWS: Gird your loins for our live-threads

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04.18.12 15 Comments

Apologies for the rare respite from the hottest of hot movie goss, ‘Drunkards, but I have a bit of network news to report. I’ve got not one, but TWO, count ’em, TWO, upcoming live threads to report.

First, this Saturday, as Uproxx’s resident expert in sweaty man wrestling as well as all forms of crotch boxing, I’ll be hosting/moderating/whatever our live thread for UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans over at WithLeather, featuring our special guest fighter/writer (FIGHT WRITER!) Daniel “Danny Boy” Downes. If I were him, whenever I choked a guy out, I’d shoot gun fingers at him and say into the camera, “Looks like he caught a bad case of… Downes Syndrome.” I’ll ask him if he’s ever done that and more, starting at 7 PM Pacific this Saturday. There’s no post for it yet, but THIS is where it will be, so bookmark accordingly. Because why should I stop shouting into my computer just because it’s a weekend?

Secondly, NEXT WEDNESDAY, our friend, Frotcast guest, TV writer, and best-selling author of Shit My Dad Says Justin Halpern will be here to promote his upcoming book, as well as answer any questions you may have about writing a successful book, writing an unsuccessful TV show, pilot season, hanging with William Shatner, getting taken to dinner by Jason Biggs, looking like Jason Biggs with AIDS (his words, not mine), what to do when your dog poops a condom, and anything else you might want to know. Look for that next week, it should be a dog-raping good time.

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