Frotcast 270: ‘Spectre,’ ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ And Matt Sings Royalty-Free Music, With Jane Harrison

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It’s the James Bond episode! After seeing Spectre, I asked around to find out which were the “can’t miss” James Bond movies, and more than one person suggested The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), starring Roger Moore. We invited back fan favorite Jane Harrison, to try to see Bond’s classic ’70s sexism through the eyes of an actual millennial female. That was the idea, anyway. The undisputed highlight of this week’s episode was the return of “Matt Lieb Adds Lyrics To Royalty-Free Music.”

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1:45 – Matt and Jane have the same therapist, who apparently sees half the San Francisco comedy community.
5:00 – Matt Lieb tells us all about the comedic stylings of famous anti-Semitic French comedian, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.
11:30 – Bond discussion begins. Matt Lieb reveals The Spy Who Loved Me is his second ever Bond movie. Jane explains to the dudes why Daniel Craig is sexy.
13:15 – Matt Lieb claims women didn’t find him attractive until Adam Driver.
15:10 – We get an update from Ben! Or try to, until we realize his message has been horribly garbled.
29:13 – Matt and I admit to not “getting” Drake (shocking, I know). Jane explains “Hotline Bling.”
34:44 – Bret shows up, and the return of “Matt Lieb Improvises Lyrics To Royalty-Free Songs.”
39:06 – Matt improvises “It’s Your Corporate Birthday,” easily the best song in the history of Matt Lieb singing royalty-free music.
46:45 – We let autocorrect compose texts for us, just to see what kind of personal spam our individual word clouds produce.
50:00 – Autocorrect composes lyrics
53:00 – Matt reads The Game’s erotic eggplant Friday fiction. #PunchinThatMonkey
58:00 – Back to The Spy Who Loved Me in earnest.
1:04:00 – We bring Spectre into the mix. Not too spoilery.
1:07:00 – Is Bond creepy or rapey?
1:12:30 – Matt Lieb talks about his brother stealing his food and spitting on his sandwiches*.
1:20:00 – Answering listeners’ relationship questions. (No poop stories this week, shockingly).
1:29:00 – We go deep with Jane Harrison, all about her parents and cocaine, which leads into an earnest discussion of The Male Gaze. (See? Matt leaves and we immediately get serious).

*LISTENER ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEEK: Send me your stories of horrible sibling torture. 415 275 0030

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