This new Spider-Man looks… casual

This isn’t the first batch of photos we’ve seen from the set of Marc Webb’s Spider-man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.  In the past, I’ve been highly critical of Scarfield’s disturbing lack of codpiece, and the events of giant-red-arrow-pointing-at-his-junk gate.  Bu it seems they’ve found a solution: sweatpants.  Very clever, Spider-man.  I wonder if he’ll be wearing those the entire movie.  They leave more to the imagination, and I like that.  It’s sexier that way, a thinking-man’s kind of sexiness.  Sort of a ponytail-and-no-makeup look for the superhero.  But we still know what you did last summer.

Junior College Spider-Man?  Strip-Club Spider-Man?  Twihard Spider-Man?

[via DailyBlam]