Spike Lee pays off people whose address he tweeted, achieves racial harmony

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03.30.12 13 Comments

In a heartwarming story of cooperation and racial understanding, Spike Lee, the man who single-handedly proved that chunky eye glasses do not make you smart, has reached “an undisclosed settlement” with the Florida couple whose address he accidentally retweeted while trying to incite mob violence against the guy who shot Trayvon Martin. Time heals all wounds. Oh, and also lots of money.

The couple’s attorney, Matt Morgan, announced the settlement Thursday. Morgan says Lee called them to apologize for retweeting their address. Specifics of the settlement weren’t disclosed.

“He was really kind,” Elaine McClain said. “And when he called us, you could just tell he really felt bad about it. And it was just a slip, and I just know that he really, really has been concerned.” [EntertainmentWeekly]

Phew, well I’m glad this case is behind us now.

How much money did he pay them? I’d say about four “really”s worth.

[pic via DailyRotation]

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