Steve Coogan's 'Alan Partridge Is In Alpha Papa' Has A Teaser

I won’t pretend to know a lot about Steve Coogan, other than he was in Tropic Thunder and The Other Guys, and those are movies that I enjoyed. I also remember reading that Courtney Love blamed him for Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide or whatever a few years back. But I don’t think that was as serious as people made it out to be, because I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Tampa around that time and Wilson was sitting next to my friend and his wife and they shared a bottle of Captain Morgan. So maybe Courtney Love was making things up or my memory just sucks.

Either way, people seem to be quite fond of Coogan’s character, Alan Partridge, enough that he made a movie entitled, Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa. The film will hit theaters in England and wherever else on August 7, but I don’t have a clue as to whether or not it is being released in America. Maybe this is revenge for that whole Declaration thing. Way to hold a grudge.

Alpha Papa has a new teaser out today, and I’d probably be a lot more upset if it was actually called Gunbird.