Student's sex tape plays during graduation speech in Denmark

Having gone to college twice, I can tell you from personal experience that most commencement speeches are boring as hell, usually something along the lines of blah blah blah your future blah blah inside joke blah cutesy joke about never being able to pay off your student loans that’s actually more f*cking true than you’re comfortable acknowledging. But the Danish, they do things right. Even the graduation videos there have sex scenes. Score one for the A/V club. Suck on that, MPAA.

Usually a graduation ceremony includes speeches, gowns and applause. But no one was clapping when a sex video with one of the graduating students appeared on the big screen at a high school in Hellerup.

Really? I mean, I realize “but no one was clapping when…” is just a dumb stock journalism opening, but if I was there, I would’ve been applauding until my hands bled.

Around 450 people were present at the morning ceremony at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium school [Near Copenhagen] in order to view a film about the graduating class.
As clips of smiling students filled the screen, the atmosphere quickly changed as the film suddenly cut to one of the graduating students having sex with an unidentified woman in what looked like hidden camera footage. The sex clip was apparently loaded onto the computer used for the big screen presentation, in which students were allowed to contribute their own photos and video clips. [CopenhagenPost]

“It started with some pictures of them and you thought it was fun. But it then turned into a sex video. Everyone was shocked – but no-one turned it off. It was clearly too much and the 30 seconds the film lasted, felt a very long time,” a student says.

30 seconds?!? A high school kid?! Jesus, man, he’s throwing off the curve. He must be some kind of future porn star, or prostate monk. Who has that kind of stamina?

The young woman concerned was not a student at the high school and according to students Politiken has interviewed had not given permission for the film to be shown. Nor is it clear whether the young man was aware the encounter was being filmed. The high school headmaster, Jørgen Rasmussen regrets the incident but has not yet decided whether to take the issue further.
The film episode took place at a high school that is well-known for its ‘theme parties’ in which female students are expected to turn up in provocative dress.
“At the Christmas party girls are expected to come in gnome outfits, and at the school’s uniform party many dress up as slutty military girls or slutty nurses,” says 17-year-old Sofie Dalsgaard Larsen who chose to leave the high school, among other reasons due to its ‘gender hierarchy’ as she calls it. [Politiken]

Man, Denmark sounds awesome. Their real high school sounds like our sexy fake movie college. It’s all sexy parties and sexy students sexily filming each other’s sexcapades. I’m so jealous. They probably get a better education too.