Super 8 has a new trailer too

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06.06.11 19 Comments

My panties were so moist over R-Pattz’ abstinence-induced rage sex that I scarcely noticed that the MTV Movie Awards had also debuted a new trailer for JJ Abrams’ Super 8.  Opening this weekend, it stars a group of wiener kids as a group of wiener kids in 1979 who witness an alien-related train crash while shooting an amateur film (the kids, not the alien).  Other than Elle Fanning, I don’t recognize any of the actors involved, though the cast does include the awesomely named “Britt Flatmo.”  In any case, it looks like a movie I already saw two or three times in the 80s, but then, JJ Abrams made Star Trek, and that turned out better anyone had any right to expect.  At the very least, Super 8 harkens back to a more innocent time in America, when every circle of friends had just one fat kid.

Who wants to be the alien turns out to be Alf.

[MTV via ScreenJunkies]

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