Supercut: James Franco and the Dramatic Whisper

Senior Editor
09.21.11 8 Comments

In the course of his career, James Franco has played wide variety of characters — a handsome scientist, a handsome hiker, a handsome friend of spider-man — but as Vulture recently illustrated, one thing has remained a constant throughout: his penchant for an acting technique known as “the dramatic whisper.” It’s a great way to get your point across without shouting (bad actors love to shout — have you ever watched Blue Mountain State?). As an added bonus, it keeps you from waking Kimiko-tan. I like to imagine James and his pillow-talk whisper starring in other famous films throughout history, such as The Graduate.

“Son? One word: (*whispers*) dicknose.”

And in Citizen Kane, dicknose is a sled.

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