Meryl Streep Might Play Susan Boyle In A Biopic Of Her Life?

Susan Boyle quickly rose to fame in 2009 when her first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent went mega-super-duper-buzzy-worthy viral, according to the hip kids, as her amazing rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” shocked us all. She soon became a shining example of the old adage of never judging a book by its cover, as she finished second on that season of the show to some female dance group that nobody remembers. Boyle’s story was eventually turned into the musical, I Dreamed a Dream, last year, and now Fox Searchlight is taking that story to the big screen.

According to Metro, unlike with the stage musical that she made cameos in, Boyle has no interest in being in the film, so she’s going to let one of the hardest working actresses of all-time do the heavy lifting.

‘I wouldn’t like to be in the film myself,’ the Scottish spinster said of the film project.

‘I’d like someone to play me. Probably Meryl Streep – I understand she has been approached.’

While her people court the 64-year-old Oscar winner, SuBo continues her ‘mundane and ordinary’ life. (Via Metro)

I just love how they call her SuBo, like she’s a Japanese teddy bear robot or a style of fighting.

As for Streep, she’d be a phenomenal choice, as always, what with her own natural ability to sing and the fact that she’s old and looks like other old white women. But she’s also just another name added to a pile of rumors that has previously included Catherine Zeta-Jones and James Cameron, so keep dreaming that dream of dreaming dreams, Susan.

In the meantime, I can only hope that the porn industry is hard at work on I Creamed a Dream: A XXXL Porn Parody starring all BBW actresses.

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