Was Sylvester Stallone Attacked By Wild Boars On The Set Of ‘The Expendables 3’? (Update: No, probably not)

In news that might not actually be true [see below for update] but is just too good to pass up, a Bulgarian news website has apparently reported that while scouting locations for upcoming scene shoots for The Expendables 3, Sylvester Stallone and the crew were attacked by a pack of wild boars, or a sounder if you will. While I couldn’t find the source article on the Bulgarian site, the very appropriately named ManlyMovie.net claims that Stallone and Co. had quite the scare and left some skidmarks in their chain mail underwear while running away from the vicious bacon.

The source says that Stallone and several stuntmen were hanging around, scoping out the next set area for the following nights shoot, when suddenly “a group of wild boar descended from the forest and scared the shit out of the team”. It seems the raging beasts actually made a B-Line for Stallone, as if sensing he was the alpha male, as the source states that they then “…almost directly struck the film’s star, Sylvester Staluon (sic)”. The men hid in trailers untill the beasts departed and the ambush was over.

The only reason that I’m hesitant to believe this is that it makes no mention of Dolph Lundgren killing any of the boars with his bare hands and announcing that he had procured food for a massive feast that evening. Hopefully, Harrison Ford will clear everything up on an upcoming talk show appearance, when he’ll just say, “F*ck wild boars” and slap Jay Leno in his face. In the meantime, I believe that this video might actually be the footage of the wild boar attack.

(Original banner via, H/T to ComicBook.com)

[UPDATE: According to representatives, there is no truth to the boar story. Shame, really.]