Florida Cop Leaves Gun in Movie Theater Bathroom Where It's Found By 9-Year-Old Boy

Man, don’t you hate it when you take your gun off to take a huge dump and then you dump so good you end up crapping your short-term memory and forget your gun right there in the shitter? It’s one of the biggest problems facing Florida today, along with oven meth and escaped snakes. Just such a thing happened to Tampa Sheriff Luke Hussey over the weekend, who left his gun in a movie theater bathroom, but had a happy ending when a 9-year-old boy who was there to see Man of Steel returned Hussey’s Glock.

About 90 minutes after a 9-year-old boy found a loaded handgun in a movie theater bathroom Sunday, sheriff’s Detective Luke Hussey realized he was missing his Glock.

Hussey, 38, who has been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for 13 years, was off duty that day. He had gone to Muvico Centro Ybor 20, according to the Sheriff’s Office, about 3 p.m. and stopped in the bathroom before the movie. He put his Glock 26, a personal weapon, on top of a toilet paper dispenser — then forgot it and left.

Minutes later, Temple Terrace 9-year-old Zane Noland entered the same stall and saw the gun. He exited the stall and told his father, Wesley Noland, 48, who had taken Zane and his older brother, Ryan, to the theater to see Man of Steel on Father’s Day.

Wesley Noland, a Marine veteran, went into the stall, disarmed the Glock and called 911.

By the time Hussey realized he’d lost his gun, Tampa police had taken it. He called Sunday and asked for it back, police said, but was told only a detective in the firearms unit could release it.

The Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that Hussey is the subject of an administrative investigation that could result in suspension or termination.

“It’s obviously a serious mistake,” said sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon. “We’re glad no one was hurt, that the gun didn’t end up in the wrong hands.” [TampaBayTimes]

Yes, it’s a good thing the gun didn’t end up in the wrong hands. (*gives gun back to cop who left it in a movie theater bathroom*)(*Yakety Sax plays*)

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a dumb guy on the toilet.