The 100 Greatest Movie Threats

Harry Hanrahan over at Pajiba (NERDS!) put together this extremely thorough mash-up video of the 100 Greatest Movie Threats, which is a nice fantasy to live out for a few minutes while you’re saying “right away, boss!” and filling out TPS reports (little do they know, one day you’ll burn that place to the ground). As far as I’m concerned, the entire video could’ve been just the first act of Full Metal Jacket.  Though Ryan Phillippe threatening to “f*ck start” a “c*nt’s head” from Way of the Gun is pretty good too.  It begs the question: how would one f*ck start something?  And what exactly does “start” mean in reference to a head that’s been f*ck started? Can I see a before-and-after comparison of a virgin and f*ck-started head, just to see what I’m dealing with?  And once it’s been f*ck started, can it be f*ck stopped?  Discuss.

Full list of films used over at Pajiba.