The 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films & Morning Links

Christ on a codpiece, there sure have been a lot of supercuts lately. Nonetheless, this one’s pretty good. Though don’t let these rare, successful improvisations fool you, actors, saying your goddamned lines and shutting the hell up is still the best policy. Unless you’re Jessica Alba, but she’s a genius. |Mewlists via Pajiba|

Fun with Taglines: NBC Releases Posters for New Fall Shows |Warming Glow|

LAST CHANCE to catch up on last week’s awesome frotcast before we record this week’s. |Frotcast|

U.S. Presidents Have Never Been More Awesome Than in the Art of Jason Heuser |Gamma Squad|

Picture via FckYeahDementia

The Most Important Political GIF of Our Time |UPROXX|

It Must Suck to Be Sergio Garcia |With Leather|

Speaking of supercuts, the 100 most awesome punches. |GorillaMask|

Optical illustion of the day. |TheDailyWhat|

Taylor Momsen has quit acting, which is awesome because I still have no idea who the f*ck she is. |TheSuperficial|

Guess which of our Vice Presidents wrote a hit song. That’s right, Vice President Paul McCartney. |MentalFloss|

Kazaam! Shaq wants to direct. Of course, all basketball players secretly want to direct. |Videogum|

Miley Cyrus Inducted into the Bowling Hall of Fame |FARK|

31 Lebowski gifs. YAY, GIFS! |ScreenJunkies|

Here is a show about a talking vibrator. |HolyTaco|

The Chick from Smallville Is Now in The Playboy Club |IGN|

10 Formerly Fat Actors Who Need to Go Back to Being Fat |Pajiba|

The Justin Bieber Juggalo Exists |Buzzfeed|

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