The Honest Trailer For ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Finally Calls It Out On All The Drugs And Swearing

I feel bad for the “Honest Trailers” gang, since CinemaSins sort of stole their shtick, made it more tedious, and ran it into the ground by sending me videos every three days. To their credit, the Honest Trailers guys make videos that are shorter (IMPORTANT), that tend to focus more on the big stuff, rather than the why-was-the-ashtray-facing-North-in-this-shot-but-South-in-the-next kind of stuff.

In their latest, they take on The Wolf of Wall Street, which is what we in the comedy business call “low-hanging fruit” (also my nickname in high school).

The only part I must object to is the idea that Matthew McConaughey “stole” Leo’s Oscar. How. Dare. You. McConaughey’s Oscar was obviously a make up award for his unconscionable snubs in Mud, Killer Joe, and most of all, Magic Mike, in which he deserved to win both Supporting Actor and Best Song for “Ladies of Tampa.” It’s typical of the Academy that he had to pretend to be dying of AIDs in order to get a statue, but don’t you dare insinuate that he didn’t put in the work. Let’s not forget, that chest-thumping scene in Wolf of Wall Street was completely ad-libbed by McConaughey and wasn’t even in the original script. Oscar? Hell, man, the guy should be the shirtless Pope.

That said, I enjoyed this gif:

[Gif via here, video via ScreenJunkies]