Supercut: Go F*ck Yourself + The Morning Links


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The Morning Links

Kim Jong-Un’s Ex-Lover Executed By Firing Squad for “Pornography” |FilmDrunk|

‘Blurred Lines’ Is Approaching The ‘Most Popular Song Of All-Time’ Record |UPROXX|

Jay Pharoah Does Kanye West Better Than Kanye West Does Kanye West |Warming Glow|

73 Sports Movies in 73 Days: ‘Necessary Roughness’ |With Leather|

The Nintendo 2DS Is Brilliant. Here’s Why. |Gamma Squad|

NFL Settles Concussion Suit With Retired Players for $765 Million |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

NBA 2K14’s Trailer Set to ‘Hate Me Now’ …Yes Please |Smoking Section|

Victory for Marijuana: DOJ Announces IT Won’t Challenge States’ Legalization Laws |death&taxes|

7 Birthday Traditions from Around the World |Mental Floss|

Every Tech Commercial |College Humor|

As Clear As Mud: CrossFit, Tough Mudders, and the Rise of Social-Physical Challenges |Grantland|

5 Myths About Flying Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies) |Cracked|

8 Irritatingly Great Contributions of Some of Pop Culture’s Biggest Laughing Stocks |Pajiba|

John Travolta Is Inimitable, Says John Travolta |Videogum|

Farrah Abraham Found Legitimate Acting Work, Good Feelings Gone |The Superficial|

Scientology Is Still Spying On Katie Holmes |IDLYITW|

The 9 Coolest Modern Movie Car Chase Rides |Made Man|

We Gave the Worst Tour of Hollywood, Ever |The Chive|

Which First Lady Do You Admire Most? |Ranker|