The New Extended Trailer For ‘Elysium’ Reveals Matt Damon’s Fancy Gadgets

The newest trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated Elysium is a long one, but hoo boy does this sucker look good or what? Matt Damon plays a former car thief trying to live a straight and narrow life on super crappy Earth in 2154, but an accident in his factory leaves him with only five days to live. Does he blow all of his money on strippers and cocaine like us smart people would do? NO! He instead lets some guys strap an exoskeleton to his body to give him the super powers that he’ll need to make it to the fancy, rich people space station, Elysium, where they have machines that can cure any disease instantly.

In this new trailer, we get a better look at Damon’s exoskeleton, as well as his main adversary, played by the always awesome – that’s right, even in The A-Team – Sharlto Copley. Oh, and Jodie Foster is there, telling people to kill innocent people, which is what I imagine one of her cocktail parties with Mel Gibson looks like.