The NYPD Is Investigating Bryan Singer In A New Sexual Assault Case

Much like what happened with John Travolta and Kevin Clash, all of the once-front-page previous sexual assault allegations against X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer have either been dropped, dismissed, or stalled indefinitely. Whether that’s because the rich guys used their powerful lawyers to make life hard on the accusers or whether the accusers were just grasping opportunists to begin with sort of depends on whose lawyers you believe (spoiler alert: none). In any case, Bryan Singer has been accused of a brand new sexual assault case, which is currently being investigated by the NYPD.

A criminal complaint was filed against Hollywood big shot Bryan Singer, accusing the 48-year-old “X-Men” director of sexually assaulting a 20-something man in New York City last year, law enforcement sources said.

The complaint was filed with the NYPD on May 9, 2014, after Singer allegedly forced the man into a sexual act against his will on March 23, 2013, according to sources.

No charges had been filed against Singer as of Friday, but an investigation into the claim is ongoing, law enforcement sources said. [NYPost]

On the one hand, anyone can accuse anyone of sexual assault, so it’s hard to hold any unproven allegation against a famous person. On the other, this is now whole lot of smoke for there not to be any fire. Even if you think Bryan Singer has become a magnet for false or exaggerated allegations because of his notoriety, that doesn’t explain why there are a hundred other more famous, more-notorious-for-being-horndogs Hollywood types who never get accused of anything. Anyway, hopefully the NYPD can actually help clear this up, so we aren’t just debating lawyer strategies and whisper campaigns again. I hear they’ve already shot two unarmed black guys as part of their investigation. That’s just a little police brutality gallows humor for you guys there.