The RED 2 Release Has Been Moved Up To July!!!

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03.12.13 22 Comments

“And you’re not coming back, Richard Dreyfuss, because you were shot in the head.”

Some unnamed people around here like to make fun of a movie like RED, because it featured an ensemble cast of older actors as former CIA agents and international spies, and that’s just goofy because Viagra jokes and broken hips, LOL! So forgive me if I’m a little more enthusiastic than a certain someone else today, because RED, which starred Bruce Willis and John Malkovich as retired CIA killers, is one of my favorite movies of the past few years, and I will stop whatever I’m doing and watch it whenever it’s on cable.

So when the trailer for RED 2 was released in January, I was extra excited, because Anthony Hopkins is joining the crew of old farts, and it allowed me to wonder if they’re going to bring back Brian Cox as Ivan Simonov (he’s not listed on the sequel’s cast) and maybe use some suspended disbelief to tell us that Morgan Freeman didn’t really die.

Well, good news for me, because Summit Entertainment is moving up RED 2’s release date from August 2 to July 19 because I’ve been a good boy this year.

RED 2 is Dean Perisot’s first feature since 2005’s Fun With Dick and Jane, and follows the first film’s characters as they punch and shoot their way through a globetrotting rogue’s gallery of terrorists, assassins and government officials to find a missing portable nuclear device. For its new date, RED 2will be put up against stiffer competition in Dreamworks Aniimation’s Turbo, James Wan’s The Conjuring and Robert Schwentke’s comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. (Via Cinema Blend)

So basically it’s going up against RIPD, because the little kids going to see Turbo aren’t going to see RED 2. Unless they’re awesome, that is.

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