The Roommate Has A Sexy Trailer

A few weeks back I accidentally used a picture of Minka Kelly when referring to Leighton Meester and my excuse was “Whatever bro, I’ve nailed them both.” And after the ink dried on the restraining orders, I realized that they’re both in the upcoming college thriller Single White Female The Roommate, which has a new trailer making the TV and intertubes rounds this last week. Now that I’ve been able to watch it repeatedly in private over the past 76 hours, I’m ready to share it.

Minka and Leighton play college roommates who meet for the first time and quickly become as close as sisters, and DEAR GOD JUST KISS ALREADY! Sorry, I promised myself I would keep it together. The Roommate, directed by Christian E. Christiansen (seriously?), also stars FilmDrunk favorite Cam Gigandet as a studly beef slab that comes between the two… roommates. Whatever, I’m no Peter Hammond. Turns out Leighton is insane and prone to fits of violence if she gets off her meds. Haha, aren’t they all, guys?

Trailer after the jump…

Oh yeah, did I mention? Billy Zane. Get the Golden Globes ready, friends.