The Stars Of ‘Nymphomaniac’ Faked Their Orgasms For Some New Movie Posters

The promotional campaign for Lars von Trier’s 5-hour porno-comedy Nymphomaniac continues today with a series of new posters that feature the film’s stars showing off their best orgasm faces. Wait, did I say best? I meant f*cking creepiest. I mean, I was sitting here having myself a pleasant little day at my favorite strip club and then BOOM – Stellan Skarsgard crams his constipated orgasm right in my face. I’ll be lucky if I sleep without night tremors by 2017 at this point.

What’s interesting, though, is that I like all of the posters that feature female characters. I’m not sure what that says about me, but the most important thing that any of us can take away from this movie is that one poor actress had to pretend to have sex with Christian Slater. I just imagine him smelling like cigarettes and telling boring stories from the set of Broken Arrow.

(H/T to Flixist)