The ‘World War Z’ Sequel Has A Pretty Good Writer On Board

Despite the feeble, childish complaints of ridiculously nerdy bloggers from other sites, and definitely not this one, World War Z ended up being a pretty good movie, despite all of the reported problems that occurred during production. In fact, the film adaptation of the Max Brooks zombie novel gave Brad Pitt the first $500 million movie of his career, which is absolutely astonishing when you think about it. Overall, it’s just really good news because it means that there will be a sequel – perhaps with a Battle of Yonkers, since we all behaved ourselves for the first film – with J.A. Bayona attached to direct and Pitt returning as the star since, you know, he’s producing this whole thing, too.

According to Variety, Plan B has already selected a writer for World War Z 2: The Whole Film is the Battle of Yonkers (again, just spit-balling here) and that man is the Academy Award-nominated Steven Knight, seen above with Tom Hardy, who might make a perfect Todd Wainio, just sayin’. Knight most recently penned the thriller Locke, which starred Hardy, and he was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in 2004 for Dirty Pretty Things, but lost to Sofia Coppola and Lost in Translation.

What a fun recap, now let’s all wish Knight well in writing an entire movie about the Battle of Yonkers. Or, you know, whatever he feels like writing. Just please remember these important tips from the Zombie Survival Guide.