‘Think Like A Man Too’ Sends Kevin Hart’s Screams To Las Vegas

If you didn’t learn enough from the 2012 comedy Think Like a Man that was loosely based on the relationship advice book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” that was written by Steve Harvey, who has been married three times, then you are in luck. Cedric, Dominic, Michael, Jeremy, Zeke and all of their respective ladies and their dating and relationship clichés are back for another round of hijinks in the name of love in Think Like a Man Too. And where does any cash grab sequel send its characters for an easy and totally unoriginal adventure? Vegas, baby.

In Think Like a Man Too, all of the classic and done-to-death Las Vegas tropes are there, from the crazy gambling, partying and drinking to the strippers, large-breasted pool babes and late night trips to the jail. Haha, I bet someone might even vomit, too. Wouldn’t that be the craziest?

Before you even ask…