So, uh… this is fake… right? (and morning links)

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08.02.11 31 Comments

Can someone please tell me just what the hell is going on here? I can’t find anything online about this person being a parody of some kind, but… it has to be, right? That banana hat is pretty legit though.


The 12 Categories of Movie Poster Cleavage|UPROXX|

Talking Cowboys & Aliens and terrible pop songs on the Frotcast. |Frotcast|

Burnsy’s Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks |With Leather|

Damon Lindelof’s Terminator Pitch Is Awesome |Gamma Squad|

The Always Sunny Promo Is Fat, As Advertised |Warming Glow|

The FP Is a Modern Warriors Homage |Film Drunk|

Major League Shuffle: Nine Upgrades, Big Names, and Prospects from the Trade Deadline |Smoking Section|

20 of the 66 Best Movie Taglines of the Last 30 Years |Pajiba|

X-Games highlight reels of the day. |TheDailyWhat|

Rihanna seems fun all of a sudden. |TheSuperficial|

Thuy Li is a girl in a bikini. |GorillaMask|

The “real” Johnny Bananas is suing Entourage. |Videogum|

Five artists held at gun point by Phil Spector. |MentalFloss|

Five Deaths for the next Final Destination film. |HolyTaco|

Superman set photos aren’t that super, man. |ScreenJunkies|

Classic Vid: The first 10 minutes of MTV |DAPS|

Six people who could play the crypt keeper with no make up. |Clutch|

The Perviest US Cities or What Small Town Combines a Naked Chili Cook-Off and Ron Jeremy |FARK|

5 Years of Rifftrax Distilled into 5 Minutes of Riffs |Topless Robot|

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