This Supercut Of Prison Rape Threats Is Perfect For Pretty Boys Like You

Have you ever noticed how often people get threatened with prison rape in movies? Supercut editor Oliver Noble sure has. A real nose for rape, that guy. He even asked for your help compiling this supercut, which is now out. “Hollywood Justice: And Prison Rape For All,” edited by Noble and Buck Wolf, cuts together more than four straight minutes of prison rape threats, which I know are your favorite thing.

So, who’s your favorite rape-threat deliverer? I go with Sam Jackson for brutal bluntness, though that scene from Jack Reacher was the most out of left field. “Passed around till a brother can’t tell your fart from a yawn.” It reminded me of the old “Shut this c*nt’s mouth before I f*ck start her head,” from Way of the Gun. Chris McQuarrie is so beautifully vulgar when he wants to be. The man is a poet.

And of course Sam Waterson for gravitas. Law and Order is such a ridiculous show. I love that you can’t show a nipple on cable, but America’s sweet uncle can go on free TV during prime time and talk about having sex with a bullet wound in between life insurance commercials, as long as he talks about it clinically enough.