This Week In Movie Posters: ‘Power Rangers,’ ‘Trolls’ And Lots Of Madea

This week in This Week In Movie Posters, we begin with this Spanish poster for Alone in Berlin, starring Brendan Gleeson. I’ll say this for it: The poster designer really leaned into the most recognizable parts of Brendan Gleeson — his tensely pursed lips and giant meaty paws. Though I’m not sure about the little note card that says “freie press,” which I assume just means “free press” in German. Now I know what the movie’s about, but it feels like cheating. It’d be so convenient for poster designers if movie characters just carried their motivations around on little note cards. This feels like the poster equivalent of political cartoons where the cartoonist isn’t confident enough in the recognizability of his caricatures so he just draws the people’s names on their chests. “And over here I’ve drawn Hillary Clinton wearing a football jersey that says ‘Hillary Clinton’…”

“The night the unborn were avenged!”

Did we really need the skull imagery behind the creepy doll? Doesn’t the creepy doll already imply ghosts? We could’ve done that math on our own. Also, what is this, an anti-abortionist horror movie? No thanks.

This poster for Blue Jay is very close to the old “close-eyed headbutt” poster trope, which implies yearning in melodramatic romance movies. Closed eyes, foreheads touching. Of course, that’s not quite what’s going on here. Based on the title and the fact that one of them has her eyes open, I’m guessing this one’s not about love and yearning so much as their love affair saving him from his depression.

Meeting by chance when they return to their tiny California hometown, two former high-school sweethearts reflect on their shared past. [IMDb]

Huh. Based on that synopsis, I can’t tell if I’m right. Whatever, it’s called “Blue Jay,” so I’m going to assume that it’s about a man named Jay who is blue. Cheer up, Jay. Maybe go have a cathartic moment next to a body of water or something. Be sure to stare far off into the distance.

You’ll be happy to know there are a bunch more Madea Halloween posters this week. Can never get enough of those, I always say. These are interesting because there’s zero or rhyme or reason or consistency to them other than the fact that they have Madea in them and are about Halloween. Here she is with a flashlight under her chin. Is it set at a Summer camp where counselor Madea tells ghost stories? Maybe!

Oops, wait, nope, I think she might be playing an axe murderer or something. Maybe?

Or… maybe she’s the victim? Or it’s some kind of Ring thing where she crawls out of the well to haunt the living? Helerrr. Whatever, maybe don’t overthink it. It’s Madea. It’s Halloween. F*ck you, you’ll buy a ticket.

Is Bill Bellamy always making that face? I have to assume yes. Also, everything about this poster looks horrendously Photoshopped, but especially the lady on the left. Her head is bigger than her waist.