This Week In Movie Posters: Tom Hanks And Marky Mark Are Saving The Day

Senior Editor
08.08.16 18 Comments

This Week in Posters begins with The Whole Truth, which in Spanish is apparently called The Lawyer Of Evil, or Evil Lawyer. Spanish titles seem really on the nose, no?

Anyway, this poster is like 90% face, which is a really high face-to-total-poster-space ratio, in my mathematical opinion. Possibly too high? It suggests that this movie’s draw is curiosity over how Keanu Reeves is going to play this lawyer thing. I’m imagining Point Break‘s “I! Am! An FBI! Agent!” scene, as transposed to lawyering. Perhaps with a paunchy Keanu panting at the camera, holding a sheaf of arcane contracts in one hand and a half-eaten Clif bar in the other. (He was too busy billing hours to take a lunch break.) El Abogado Con Demasiado Trabajo, they could call it.

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