This Will Haunt You.

01.20.11 9 years ago 15 Comments

Much has been made of Natalie Portman’s dorky laugh from the Golden Globes last weekend. It was discussed in real time on Twitter, and the next day on blogs everywhere. Then someone created an 8 second loop of the laugh, and posted it on YouTube. After that, friend of Film Drunk and Frotcast regular Lindy West took it to its logical conclusion by putting out a call for a mashup featuring said loop and Brendan Fraser’s Once and Future King of the Doofs clap and point from last year’s Golden Globes. Well, since I am the hero the Internet needs, I have stepped up to the plate. Above, please find the requested mashup. You are welcome, world and Lindy West.

Three brief notes about the video:

1) I invited a Film Drunk favorite into the mashup. I figured he’d be down to “party.”

2) I’m well aware that three and a half minutes is way, WAY too long of a loop. In my defense, I had like six psychotic breakdowns while editing this together. Natalie Portman’s laugh now haunts my soul. I think Vince summed it up pretty well in an email when he said, “I’ve been grinding my teeth to the rhythm of her laugh for the last 10 minutes.” Again, you are welcome.

3) As a palate cleanser, here is a picture of a baby polar bear I found on Buzzfeed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I made this video yesterday afternoon after class, but sat on it until today. Then, earlier this morning, I saw that College Humor put together their own version, also featuring Brendan Fraser. So, for any of you residing in the greater Philadelphia area, that pained screaming you heard around 9 AM was me. Sorry if I woke you.

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