Drafthouse Founder Tim League Is Literally Peeing His Pants So You’ll See ‘Cheap Thrills’

Cheap Thrills is a film starring Pat Healy and David Koechner about one rich guy making two poor guys do increasingly degrading stunts for money, which is more or less every job I’ve ever had. Drafthouse is distributing the film, which is currently available on VOD and playing select theaters, and since everyone over there is completely insane, they’ve been sponsoring and doing some nutty stunts themselves to promote it. At Fantastic Fest, an audience member actually got “CHEAP THRILLS” tattooed on his ass before the premiere, which was pretty bold, considering he hadn’t seen it yet.

Above, you can see the results of some kind of iron bladder challenge, which Drafthouse founder Tim League clearly lost. Your move, Megan Ellison. Let’s see you put your family’s money where your piss-soaked pants are.

Meanwhile, Cheap Thrills co-star Sara Paxton created an OKCupid profile seeking bronies, under the fursona “Storm Tail.” Okay, Sara, now I dare you to go out with someone who messages you.

Pat Healy recreated Burt Reynolds’ famous bear-skin rug photo and added a tuck, which is here if you feel like going blind (I mean from masturbating, not from staring at Pat’s translucent skin).

Ethan Embry ate some ‘shrooms and did an impression of himself in Empire Records (below), which, let’s be honest, was the weakest dare of the bunch. Don’t act like this isn’t every weekend for you, Embry. Eat some ‘shrooms out of Koechner’s ass crack and then we’ll talk.

Anyway, check out Cheap Thrills, or Tim League is going to come to your house and pee on your stuff.

CHEAP THRILLS Share To Dare #6: Pees in the Pants from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.